Worker cutting metal with grinder. Sparks while grinding iron.

Repair and production of non-standard facilities and equipment

worker in protection mask welding metal at factory

Crafting, installation and maintenance of production halls

Overhead view of blacksmith shaping red hot metal rod in workshop furnace

Wrought iron production

Our technologies

Pipe bending

Forming a hydraulic press

Abcant – bending of sheet material

Painting and blasting

Bending of sheet material

Welding - SHOUT, MIG-MAG, MMA, to the point, laser

Wrought iron production

Gas flame cutting of sheet material

Calibrated drilling

Plasma cutting of sheet material up to 30mm


CNC plasma tube cutting

About us

The company "S-Metal OOD" was established in 2016 year of two energetic and persistent brothers. Their desire and pursuit of perfection has been leading them for so many years step by step to the professional tops in the industry. The careful selection of a team and the many strange and complex tasks over the years mold and shape the team, as an extremely reliable partner in any undertaking. Excellent reviews will always remain the best assessment of the work of "S-Metal".

Our team

The customer is very happy, enhanced monitoring procedures. As a developer of land, sorrows, nor the corporal of property, a protein pillow.

Samet Hasan

Tijen Hassan

Veselina Yordanova

arch. Veselina Yordanova

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Quality and professionalism with a smile. That's how I can describe these frames in three words, thinking and understanding guys. I can safely say, that all the projects we have worked on together, are completed by- the good way. They have always offered the best solutions, always correct and engaged. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and appreciate your work.
Sculptor; DABA Manager
Thanks to our cooperation with the company "S-METAL" we manage to realize our goals in a short period of time. During our joint work, we have delighted the visitors of performances, residents and guests of. Varna, as well as thousands of spectators in the country and abroad during tours of the State Opera - Varna and Drama Theater "Stoyan Bachvarov" - Varna. A great partner in projects for the production of part of the stage environment of the performance - decor, backdrops and props from metal structures and much more. The results achieved are a guarantee, that the company "S-METAL" deserves trust for current and future partners.
Deputy director of the production and technical activity of TMPC - Varna
This, with which the team of the "S-METAL" company was able to win and keep us as a long-term customer, is the exceptional professionalism and correct attitude. For the time of our joint work, "S-METAL" has always fulfilled the contracts with the required quality and on time. "Shimel" EOOD recommends "S-METAL", as extremely competent, a loyal and fair partner.
Manager of "Schimel" EOOD
In the years of our cooperation, "S-METAL" company has proven itself, as an extremely loyal partner in the execution of the order contracts in the desired period. They have extremely well trained staff and a highly specialized installation crew, which is a prerequisite for quality customer service. This gives us confidence to recommend "S-METAL" company, as a reliable business partner to other potential customers.
Manager of "DenSta OOD"